Is it okay to be upset my boyfriend isn’t coming to visit?

So, on Saturday. My boyfriend told me he wanted to come visit me. He said he’d probably come around 5pm. So, i was looking forward to it. But, last night he decided to go out for his friend’s bday. That’s totally okay. But, my boyfriend ended up drinking a lot and staying up until 6am with all his friends. He called me a little while ago and said he was feeling really hungover and sick. I was a little disappointed because he told me he would be coming over to see me. The issue isn’t that he went out, because I went out too last night (I didn’t get hammered like him, but I had a good time and woke up a bit later than i wanted to).

Now, I just feel sad and disappointed. I’m not sure if I’m being too harsh. My boyfriend could hear I was sad and i told him i was a little bit. He said he would try and come but it’d probably be at like 9pm to spend the night.

I don’t know. It just sucks.
I meant to add, he would be coming over today, on Sunday!


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  • Yes, it's ok to feel sad. Being indifferent would be a bad sign. Don't hold it against him.

    • I’m not holding it against him. But, I am disappointed.

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