Is my lifestyle unattractive to girls my age? Can I get girls my age like this?

I'm 19, I get up every morning at 4:30am to go to work. I get off, get some food, go home and take a nap, wake up and read/ browse the internet, take a shower, eat again, and go back to bed 😑.
Is my lifestyle unattractive to girls my age? Can I get girls my age like this?
Sometimes I go to the park but lately I haven't been going. The only time I go somewhere is if I go to the mall or the store. Is my lifestyle a turn off to girls my age? I've been wondering why can't seem to find anyone. I have a coworker getting married 😑. It seems like everyone is moving forward and here I am: lonely 😑
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  • What type of job do you have?
    Is your lifestyle attractive to you? How would your 10 year old self feel, having been so excited about being a grown up feel about where you are right now?
    I don't feel like you're giving yourself enough exposure to meet someone, so maybe take that reading with you to a public place.
    Also what's your excersize like?
    Tried a social kitchen?

  • I wouldn't say unattractive. My alarms are going off at 4 A. M. I know not every has the same daily schedule as me. I have one person that is talking to me. I know it will never work because our schedules are completely different. He's going to work while I'm coming home from work. We rarely have the time to talk much less time to spend together. Who do I spend time with instead? Once a week, I stop at a coworker's house on the way home. We hang out for a little bit. If we need to de-stress, we vent. Most of our conversation has nothing to do with work. Who do I feel more connected to? That's easy! The person I work with. He knows what I go through on a daily basis. The expression on my face when he meets me in the afternoon determines if he asks how was my day or are you okay followed by are you sure. Even though, I have been talking to the other guy longer my coworker know more about my personal life. Why? Because we have/make the time to talk and spend together. We may be just friends, but the effort is still there.

    The two of the most important things for any relationship is time to talk every day and time to see each other every week.


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