What does a woman mean when she asks if you fancy someone at work?

I was on a night out with a few people from work including this woman I like.

When we were alone she asked if I fancied anyone at work. I fancy her but I didn’t want to tell her for fear of making things awkward if she didn’t feel the same way. I’m in two minds, she either obviously does like me based on her prior behaviour (touches me, says about doing things, always talks to me) or is an overtly friendly woman.

She went through a few departments and individuals but I said I didn’t like anyone at work. She asked again and I said maybe. She was looking into my eyes which appeared to be pleading with me to say her name. I then asked her if she fancied someone at work to which she said a couple of other staff names. I feel like I should have told her and that in not doing so she perhaps felt I had rebuffed her obvious advance.

What do you think?


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