Have you ever put a relationship on pause?

Ok so my boyfriend has been in between jobs since recently being laid off. He said he’s trying to find a company that will pay him what he was being paid previously..

Since him trying to find this similar salary, I feel like he has put us (me) on pause.. Guys have you ever done this before? Give me some insight.


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  • An ex once did so she could study, and a month later decide to end it altogether. It's not good for the Health of the relationship.

    • It’s definitely not good. I’ve never had this happen before and now it’s causing me to have second thoughts.

  • Go after money and pause the love and women will find it somewhere else. I am almost 49and stillsingle.

    • Money doesn’t bring happiness that’s why! We need attention.

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    • Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it’s hard to get guys my age to understand that.

    • I wanted a good wife and kids now i will never have either most likely and if I want female companionship its going to cost me too much money now.
      Nothing is better than a supportive woman. I lost now i am older and kick myself each day

  • How has he put u on pause

    • Well we don’t spend as much time together. I’m not one of those girls that feels like I need ALL of your time and attention. But seeing him once a week would be nice. It’s just a overall lack of communication now. I’m so out the loop.

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    • So apparently you can’t read.. I don't know how seeing someone once a week is clingy? But that’s your opinion...

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