Do you think he’s really done with me or just mad?

My boyfriend said when he got done moving furniture he was going to come over to visit me. Okay well it gets to 3 a. m. he is still moving furniture so I send a message saying I’ve never heard of someone moving furniture at 2 am. 1 hour 30 minutes later he sends a text saying he just got out the shower & he will come spend all day with me that he was sorry it got too late.

Well of course my emotions get the best of me when I’m PMS’n so I pretty much sent a text accusing him of lying which I didn’t do it directly I said “It’s weird you were moving furniture at 2-3 am. That doesn’t make sense to me. Even if you were if you really wanted to spend time with me you would came over anyway considering you live 10 minutes away.”

I woke up to a message this morning saying that it’s over. That we’ve only been dating for 2 weeks & it’s already made it to this stuff and that he’s calling it quits now. That the reason he moved that furniture so late was so he could spend the whole day with me on his day off today. Of course I felt bad. I apologized. I told him I overthought it. I tried to keep him but instead he just told me to stop. He’s made himself as clear as he can that he’s done.

He was even going to move back to his home state and he told me earlier this week I was the only thing keeping him here. That he’s not going to go anywhere. So I don’t get how this would be over already.


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  • You shouldn't apologize, he was moving only a bed with another girl. Up to late night. So better block him everywhere and try to forget.

    That stuff helps a lot

    • He knows my ex cheated on me and stuff which means he should understand why I still kind of have a wall built up. What’s the bad part is we work together.

    • He hasn’t blocked me on anything and he’s the one who said it’s over

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