He dosnt ejaculate?

Hi me and my new partner gave great sex
He gets hard every time no problem thing is hasn't came when we've had sex
I don't know if it's alcohol or medication he's on for adhd or he has medical problem just dosnt want say yet
I don't want to bring it up and we really enjoy the sex we have
It's just I want him to with me... and I dunno if I should bring it up
Should I ask him what could be the problem?


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  • so many reasons why he can't cum. Is he going through a stressful time at work/other? You should bring it up to him if you can, but in a gentle way. See if he has taken notice of it and how he feels. Last resort is to go to the doctor with him.


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  • It's understandable you'd like to know why he isn't cumming. Some medications do inhibit ejaculation. So I think it would be okay to ask him about it.

  • Could be ADHD medication or antidepressants, or just not been able to fully relax with you yet.

  • He masturbates too much.


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