Does my coworker like me?

so I've been working with this guy for nearly 2 years and we were always friendly towards each other and I always had a bit of a crush on him

Now, I feel like he may have a crush on me. When I walk by or towards him he always seems to smile really wide and seems giddy, but then again he's an excitable person so he could just naturally do that. But it always seems that when we talk he's constantly smiling and maintaining eye contact but that could just be his personality

We have great chemistry and sometimes he even just laughs at me for no reason and I'll say something like "whaaat?" or "you're always laughing at me" in a playful way and he'll just continue to laugh but, again, he's just an excitable person so i dont know

we have multiple nicknames for each other that we always use when we greet each other, he never usually calls me by my actual name

2 months ago I got into a relationship (which I'm now out of) and about a week later in work he said "so I hear you're off the market now? I had to find out off facebook!"

Recently I came up with another new nickname and he jokingly said it was his kink. Lastly, not that it has any real importance but he does like my selfies on facebook and instagram and is always one of the firsts to see my instagram stories and like my instas

He also recently asked me "Are you still with that guy?"

And I said recently "Can i ask you a question?" and then proceeded to ask him a question about work and he responded with "oh that's not how I was expecting that question to go"

I would 100% say he's flirting at least but he's a genuinely really friendly guy so maybe all the smiling and laughing is just him?

I would ask him out but I wanna be sure that the feelings are returned! HELP!
ALSO a week ago he said to me "I'd love to see a workplace romance going on" sooooo


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