So I’m snapchating my crush and after this week I’m starting to think he likes me?

So I like my cousins best friend, he has known him since he was 3 years old. Well last night I spent the night at my cousins house and he was snapping me untill 1 am in the morning and the was replying so fast and as soon as I sent something he opened it right away and when he showed me a picture of himself he was always smiling and just looked so happy when he snapped me. Later that night when I was hanging out with my aunt and cousins I sent him a snap but It didn’t sent so I went on chat and tried to send it! And when I went on the chat he was typing something but then he erased what he was going to say and never sent anything!! I really think he likes me but who knows. Plus I feel like if we did date my family wouldn’t like it because to my one cousin that’s like her brother and my other cousins best friend but I don't know I feel like that shouldn’t matter. Someone pls help me!!


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  • Wooow okay then ask him out. Also that snapchat chat thing he wasn't writing anything that's just how snap shows it when you open the chat window.


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