Is this more than a hook up?

i feel like I know the answer to this question but he’s a confusing guy.

he liked me a lot when I had a boyfriend. he showed clear interest. I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of months later and everyone thought he was still interested in me. when we stopped talking because i was in a relationship he told me that he genuinely hoped we could reconnect in the future and that it was hard for him to walk away.

fast forward and we hooked up only after I told him that I didn’t want to casually hook up because there were underlying feelings. He was honest and told me he wasn’t using me he just wanted someone to hang out with. the next morning I was clearly upset and he asked me if I was worried he was gonna ditch me. He told me he wasn’t that type of guy. great and all but he doesn’t text me like he used to or want to talk to me all of the time. he said he would take me out to dinner this week but it just sounds more like him trying to be nice because we hooked up.

i asked him him if he actually wanted to get dinner with me he said "yah let’s do it!" even though I asked him seriously clearly insinuating that I like him. He’s not dumb he knows that I like him and he isn’t a bad person so I don’t feel like he would mess with my emotions knowing that I have feelings for him.

he had me in his arms around his friends the day after we hooked up and was really sweet in person but just the fact that he doesn’t text me often or hold a conversation over text bothers me. he doesn’t like me the way he used to.


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