Should money be apart of a dating standard for women?

I understand if some people qualify that as being a gold digger but also a lot of girls / woman want the best from their men or at least close to it.
my standard personally changed because it’s awkward dating a guy that complains about money.
since I’m bad with money myself I want someone that can set an example from me that can help balance that out. I don't know my chances of getting with a guy from a wealthier back ground but that’s what I’ve honestly been looking at and everything else doesn’t really excite me anymore, I’ll be bored and in the back of my head I’ll always have that feeling of grass is greener on the other side kind of deal.
yet I’m not rich myself but at the same time I feel like with the right person that could change. Do you think that’s too high of a standard?


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  • The best men to look for are the ambitious men, cause he wants to get rich. You don't want to date a man, who is just happy to coast through life.
    Most of mum's sisters went out with ambitious men, they weren't rich when they were young, but they flaming rich now. they help each other along their journeys in life.

    So if you want to get rich, its help to find a man who also wants to be rich, you can both help each other to successful.

    • But maybe he would never got rich and that is fine. I agree with you, it is always good to find ambitious man despite of his money status at least he won't lay on couch doing nothing.

    • @nadinatali ambitious and driven man will always find a way. Success is not hard achieve, most people just don't pick up on the clues. Success leaves clues, if you are willing to find them.

    • Amen to that

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  • So imagine guys would also set themselves the same standard, since in today's age women get paid just as much as them, if not more, depending on the job.
    Do you think it's realistic to require such a thing?
    Even tho money is important, it is not a partner's duty to provide for you. It still is in some communities but even tho that's present, that's the easiest way to control and manipulate you if you think about it.

    • It’s not that I need him to provide for me, I just would want a man with good money habits and that actually knows how to make it, so I can fuse that into my own life style. I don’t wanna date a poor guy and pick up on his poor habits.

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  • Sure! You should tell them your standards on the first date too, that way we know which of you we should avoid.

    Us guys don't always want to date down, you know? Y'all can't always be Cinderella who gets the wealthy prince.

    • Good at least I’d dodge a bullet u feel me? Lol I’m all good with that if he not digging it then I’m not forcing him too either XD

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    • Yeah... did someone dump u or sum for a wealthier dude you sound kinda salty about it. U good bro?

    • Nah, I just gotta call shit for what it is. Women are looking to day money, not men.

  • It should be. You dont want to date a tramp.

  • It’s your nature to desire a man with resources

  • shouldn't but is


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  • Money does not buy happines. It is better to look for decent, hard working man who is open for good oportunities. That way you will help your man climb to top.
    If you find someone who is born wealthy, how do you know he have any clue about worth of money.

    • I can differ from that there are many examples of wealthy men that keep their wealth just by being raised with good money habits, that a lot of middle class and poor people weren’t raised with... like me for example. I’d want someone to help engrave those habits In my life. That’s all.

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    • i understand that, my point is that they are still not happy with all the money they have got. they could of got the best people to help them, but still chose suicide. People who don’t have money, can’t afford help. it’s more understandable for them to kill themselves. money gives you choice and options.

    • being rich creates lot of enemies and trust issues.

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