As a girl that hasn’t received much attention from guys her life, does that mean I’m most likely not attractive to you all?

I feel like I’m not likeable. I have no friends. I was bullied in school. And no guy was ever really in my life from a romantic standpoint. I’m 23 and no guy of my preference has ever showed interest in me. I’m told I’m attractive, by men online and a few people in person. However, guys don’t talk or approach me in person and the ones that do are either creepers, players or objectively unattractive. I was heavier growing up and slimmer now, but I’d still consider myself to be on the thick side. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’m starting to believe I’m not the kind of girl a guy would like to pursue.
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  • To be completely honest and I wish I could, but looks aren't everything it also come down to what kind of person are you. everyone has flaws and for some disabilities. you have to let yourself show that you are more than just a regular girl; that you are special in someones eyes. I've been picked on for the way I dress, my hairstyle, my face. I'm not that handsome of a guy and I'm not afraid to admit it and im a little overweight but that's something I'm working on. just believe in yourself and if you need a friend you can talk to me.


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