Dating Shenzhen women. Are they a good choice?

Later this month, I’m going to visit China for a job hunt. I used to work in Beijing and my next target is a city named Shenzhen. I know it’s hard to work abroad but based on my experiences before, I can endure the years of being away from my family and friends. I am single by choice, but just recently I’ve become really indulged with the beauty of these Chinese girls. The fact that I’ll be working again in China has made me think about dating Shenzhen women. Are they a good choice? I just want to know.


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  • There's a young guy on YouTube who married a Chinese girl and who works and travels extensively in China. His channel is very interesting, and he discusses all kinds of issues, including dating. He's from South Africa. You'll have to Google a little to find his channel but I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

  • If you have money, and I mean LOTS of it, then yes.


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