Why would you continue talking to a girl if you don’t like her?

I’m talking to this guy for a year and he tells me he likes me but leaves me on read, and doesn’t really act like he likes me aside from the random once a blue moon where he’s all about me. Sometimes I see he likes me but other times I feel like he doesn’t. He told me he wouldn’t talk to me if he didn’t like me but is there a reason why a guy would talk to a girl even if he doesn’t like her? Our convos are sexual by the way, they’re normal but they can escalate. And he says he wants to marry me and to move to where he is etc
Then what should I do, just like break up and stop talking to him then... or like ask him his intentions?


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  • As much as it hurts, I kinda think that you're this guy's 2nd option, otherwise he wouldn't talk to you that sporadically and your conversations wouldn't be mostly sexual. If I were you, I'd stop talking to him or reverse his game and try to make him prove that he genuinely cares. In order to do that, you could ask him out or something like that. Let's see if he'll back out or not, because talking about marriage etc sounds way too farfetched.

    • How would I make him prove it. Like how do I reverse it?

    • That's the tough part here. Without enough context into the conversation I don't think I can help that much into this :( However, the best thing for you is to write him off. In my opinion he's not worth your attention. If he wants to find back-ups, then he should look elsewhere.

    • He’s really honest like he’s not afraid to say things that’ll hurt my feelings. I made a joke about his “other hoes” and he said that I was the only one he spoke to. And I don’t want to be guillible but shouldn’t I trust and believe? And I have him on all social media and he does not look like he has any contenders. I don't know

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  • He wants to have sex with you or likes to use you to talk about sex and get off. He doesn’t like you to want to pursue a romantic relationship with you. That’s why he continues.


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