Do you think engaging in relationship is important?

Hi everyone so without introduction I'm gonna tell you my story briefly I'm 23 old boy i think i am abnormal! At this age i didn't get into serious relationship and if you ask me why i can tell you that I'm shy and I've no confidence in myself in fact I'm always struggling and making excuses. Wherever I've a crush on someone I can't tell her and if i got the power i ruin it i feel like the other part gonna refuse me even before talking I'm pessimistic i'don't know why. I feel like I'm missing something i want to be loved and be special for someone i feel the emptiness even tho I'm playing all days videos games besides it can't fulfill my happiness
My life seems to be monotonous and I want to change it by feeling in love with somebody but what can i do to face my fears
Any advise?


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  • You first need to gain confidence; so find something in your life that you can be proud of. Either do something like a new hobby or workout. Then either take a speech class or a debate class or even learn to be a toaster and learn to talk to people.


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