Why did she do this?

I work with this girl who is very full of herself and often is rude or doesn't give me the time of day.
She came back to my area looking for someone, and the person wasn't there.
I told her I was sorry I wasn't good enough, and she kept saying it wasn't that she didn't like me, it was because she had a better friendship with the other person. I said I didn't really care, cause i k ew she didn't like me and didn't have to sugar coat it. So I resumed watching a race on my phone.
She repeatedly tried to correct herself and said that it she didn't hate me and kept insisting I was over thinking things. I told her I wasn't and kept watching my race.
She said she thought I was over thinking it 4 more times before she finally left.
I told my friend about it and apparently that girl went up to my friend and said she felt she basically told me she didn't like me. She didn't say anything else or explain anything. But strange in my opinion


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  • My question is why are you obsessing over it. You set her straight. It's done, it's finished, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Just let it go, it's not worth the drama.

    • Because she's bothering me at work, and came back and hung around me asking me stupid questions today as well

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    • no you are whining. I gave you a good alternative but you bitch.

    • Why you have to be a cunt about it?

What Guys Said 2

  • "I told her I was sorry I wasn't good enough"

    You shouldn't have said that. If you aren't friendly with someone, then just say and do what is required for the job. You should have just said "Sorry, he's not here. Can I help you?"

  • Strange behavior not sure though


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