26 year old female interested in a 19 year old male?

I met a guy at school who I was instantly attracted to. When I was introduced to him I found out he was 19. Since I’m 26 my gut reaction was to freak out and back off. But we’ve spent a fair amount of time together at parties and within a group setting and now I’m starting to really like him. I’ve only told a handful of friends and they all say it’s not a problem and he seems very mature for his age. Sometimes I think he might be interested too because he’s always so friendly and flirts with me, but then I think it probably doesn’t even cross his mind because of the age gap. I know it’s not a massive difference, and I actually have friends dating people with double the age gap, but I guess I just worry what other people would think, or that he might be freaked out if he found out. Sometimes I really don’t care or think about the age difference (especially cause he really is quite mature for his age) other times I’m reminded and it makes me feel icky. I’ve always liked guys older than me so this is very new.

Girls have you ever dated someone younger than you? Guys what would you think about dating someone 7+ years older than you?


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  • I’ve dated cougars as much as 15 years older when I was younger. What others think doesn’t matter


What Girls Said 1

  • I dated a guy who was 2 years younger than me.
    It's fine, go for it luv 👍


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