Too attractive to talk to?

Do other guys fear or simply avoid talking to/ approaching a girl because you think she is too attractions or out of your league, like just assessing her you think you have no chance and therefore don't bother even trying?


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  • Never made much sense to me. Might be lottery odds but I don't see why we should pass up on the opportunity when the lottery ticket is free. And for me it is "free" in the sense that I don't mind being rejected. I really think getting over that fear of rejection and also the tendency to think negatively if you are rejected is the key to being able to approach any girl and skyrocket your chances (naturally you won't have much chance of dating if you pass up on opportunities left and right). If you don't mind a possible rejection and don't take it like the end of the world, then you don't have to evaluate your chances with a girl to determine whether or not to approach. At that point, if you like what you see, you go for it.

    There was one time I fumbled a bit approaching a girl, and that involved climbing down a couple of stairs and realizing she was well over 6 feet tall and looming over me. And then I was at a loss for words looking up at her, and my whole game plan was kind of shot and so I said some stupid things and fled. :-D But I still sort of gave it a shot, just kind of panicked in the middle... but it didn't relate to thinking I had no chance so much as not being used to being in the position of looking upwards when trying to pick up a girl.

    • It's like reduce the "cost" of rejection. If a rejection feels like it costs a thousand dollars, then naturally you won't want to try your chances with anyone who might say "no'. If a rejection feels like it costs a penny, then you'll want to try your chances with anyone you like.

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