How do I know I've sealed the deal?

we've been dating for sometime now with this girl, how do I know that we are now girlfriend and boyfriend?

how can I tell with out asking the question directly?


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  • To me, it's something you just eventually start to feel. You obviously feel like this girl is your girlfriend. And if she's still dating you, I'd bet she's starting to feel the same way. Next time she meets one of your friends or something, maybe introduce her as your girlfriend. See how she reacts. If for some reason she objects, the worst that could happen is that you just "date" a little longer until she's ready. But you'll'll just know...

  • You shouLdn't make assumptions through clues and hints. You should definitely just ask! If you are together, fantastic. But what if she says, No?! Then you were wasting your time on a girl, when you could have spent that time with a girl who would like to be with you. Not that this is the situation! I'm sure you 2 are bf/gf, but to make sure, ASK!


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