Both so awesome, but who's awesomer?

Okay, well I sorta gotta problem. I'm interested in two guys, and they both like me. But, I'm not sure which one is the right one. We'll call them Steve and Pablo (crappy names, I know).

Steve is a super nice guy, he's athletic, smart, handsome, and pretty much everything a girl looks for in a guy. He's my ex though and I ended it the last time because he wanted to go faster than I wanted. And awhile back when he was trying to get with me, kept saying he loved me and such, I found out he was sending revealing pics to one of my friends. I wasn't too happy about it, but I forgot about it. He said that if we ever started going out again, things would be different and he'd treat me like I deserve to be treated and such. He's been very nice and sweet to me, has never ever raised his voice with me or anything.

But then there's Pablo who is sucha sweetheart. We've known each other for about 4-5 years. We recently started talking again and I started becoming interested. He's always so nice to me and compliments me and everything, but I'm not sure how it'd be if we started going out because he's so shy. And also because if we broke up, I wouldn't wanna lose him as a friend. We've become close and comfortable with each other, so I wouldn't wanna mess that up. We don't talk all the time, but we talk enough. He keeps telling me all he wants for Xmas is for me to become his girlfriend, and he keeps posting things on his fb about his "hopefully future gf". It's so cute.

But I still don't know who would be right, because when I'm talking to Steve, he makes me feel so awesome. But when I'm talking to Pablo, he totally keeps me smiling. One problem with both of them though, is they both go to different schools than me, so it'd be a little tougher to see them. They're both equally awesome and super cool, which one is the right one though?


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  • only you can answer that question sweetheart(can I call you that?) but your ex is bad news if he did it before he will end up doing it again trusr me I know I was seeing this guy and for the longest he told me he loved me well on our four year anny I cought him with my best friend in my I shook it off because I loved him so much.. but on our 5th anny he did it again...needless to say he was a big a** jerk...and for the other guy I think its cute that he is shy and that he post things on his fb abt you

    • Haha yeah, your right. And I'm very sorry about what happened to you... Hope you find a man that treats you right

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  • I like Pablo. He sounds like an artist. :)

  • Lol steve.

    • Steve is the right choice imo.

      Pablo is more long term.

      I don't know how you think but if you KNOW that at your age, you are not expecting to be with the one guy MR RIGHT, to sweep you off your feet and marry or be with for 10 years... That You know that whatever you get into, isn't gonna be long term... GO with steve.

      If you want to risk it all for love, know that its gonna be there for the long haul, with a guy who makes you smile, which is most important, go with Pablo.

    • also steve has more of the jerk element so, definitely short term.

      So all in all, Look at it this way.

      Long term vs. Short term

      What are you looking for?

    • Haha okay, I get what your saying. Thanks a lot. Gave me more to think about

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  • If you can't pick between the two, then you don't like either enough. If you truly love someone, you should have no doubt in your mind who you want to be with.