Kissing with no tongue is this normal?

So I've been on 5 dates with this girl I'm seeing, we started kissing on the 3rd date and had a few make out sesh's and she doesn't use her tongue. Which I haven't experienced before, I've tried to gently touch her tongue with mine but with no avail. It's a good kiss we have but I'm just unsure of the no tongue thing


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  • Everyone has a different style really. Some people like to use their tongue, some people don't. Some people like to bite or suck the other person's lips while others don't. She's probably not into it or (while it's probably not the case), she never had the partner to make her try it, but if you tried and she didn't really react then it's probably option A.

  • Some people just aren't into it. Im not big on an aggressive tongue either and prefer to kiss for a bit then I usually just move to her neck instead.


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