Heart reacting and dancing with another girl?

Last weekend, the guy I've been dating for over a month went to a buddies wedding. He posted a picture of him and a girl in his car and I don't know who she is other than she's not a relative. Then he posted a video of him dancing with her and dipping her in slow motion. I was like okay she's just an old friend. I'd seen some old pictures of them together. She commented on the post "I had a great time with you 😊"

I did some research and she posted the same video with the caption "Danny and Sandy back at it again"

and after scrolling through her Facebook a bit more, found that he had been heart reacting to her posts.

should I ask him about this or let it go?


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  • they are probably old friends and know each other for long time , heart reacting doesn't mean much , if he really wanted to cheat then you wouldn't find that easily but anyways if you feel to ask him about it then do it


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