She broke up with me after 3 days, saying she isn't ready for a relationship. Do I still have a chance?

I met this girl at my job over half a year ago, and I fell for her instantly. She's a bit older then me (I'm 19, she's 23) so for most of the time I've known her I wasn't confident enough to go after her. That changed a month and a half ago, when she added me on snapchat to show her interest. After that we started texting constantly. We hung out a handful of times, and we had an amazing time. She said she hadn't laughed so hard in months! We made each other so happy, but we don't know each other that well, so I figured I'd wait a few months before I pop the question.
It turns out I didn't have to, because after our third date, she started the conversation on her own! She asked if I liked anybody at work, and I just rolled my eyes and said she already knew the answer. She admitted that she really likes me too, and just like that, we were official.
We held hands that night and hung out till late (she wanted to kiss me, but I wanted our first kiss to be a bit more special) then we parted ways. We continued texting and scheduled to hang out three days later.
When the time came to hang out, she cancelled and said she would have to rethink our relationship. She called later that night and explained that she had just gotten into a huge fight at work (which was true), and now felt that all her friendships end in her hurting someone. She said she didn't want that to happen to me, so she needed some time to figure out if she wanted to give us a shot. Over the course of the next week, that position evolved a bit more into also not being in a position to support a relationship in general.
This bad news coincided with some other bad news in my life, and the combined pressure put me in an emotional crisis. I was a emotional wreck at work. Being concerned, she called me to make sure i was ok. And so I told her how I felt about the whole situation and how frustrated I am.
How should I handle this? Do I have a shot after I told her how upset I am?


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  • She is telling the truth. She is not emotionally ready for a relationship (I am pretty sure of this because I am in the same situation). You do not have a chance rn, but if you support her and don't pressure her, her feelings for you may reawaken once she's in a better emotional position.


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  • just let her go bro


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