Should I make it obvious that I like her or play it cool?


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  • I read that you said she's shown signs of interest... what signs exactly has she shown?

    Also, I think you should make it obvious because if she does like you and you play it cool she might think you don't like her and retreat.

    • Ok so she is kinda shy and the signs I have got were
      - she steal stares at me and looks away when I catch her
      - when I go near her she tries to move away but when I am alone she tries to get near me
      - she laughs at my jokes
      - she maintains eye contact while talking
      - her feet were pointed towards me
      - she and her friend looked at me and giggled
      - she talked about me with my friends

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    • But while staring she doesn't smile

    • I'd say that's a green flag! Go for it, the girl probably likes you, just show her you're interested and see how she reacts :D good luck!

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  • If you make it obvious and she already doesn't have an inkling of interest in you, you'll scare her off.

    If you play it cool, depending on how hard you to stick to this strategy, she'll just assume you like her as a friend and your chances are ruined.

    Be friendly and suggestive without being creepy.

    • I got some signs that she was interested in me. So should I still play it cool or make it obvious?

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    • Somewhere in between. How about that?

    • Do what's most comfortable for you.

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