How do you know when you are complete?

How do you no when you feel complete with the person your dating. Like how do you feel complete with them? How do you feel when your with them? I'm just wondering because I think I feel this way but I'm unsure. Please help me understand this ha :p I haven't ever felt this way about anyone but the boy I'm with now and I don't no what to do ha:p


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  • Feel complete?

    When you wake up, the world just seems so more beautiful than usual. All you ever think about is him. You can't wait to hug him or kiss him or at least just look at him. You just miss him all the time. When you're with em, you still have those butterflies in your stomach. You just thank God that you get to experience another moment with him, and when you guys part, you just miss him all over again. You feel like he's your other half. There's just so much to it, and then I guess when you just feel all that, that's when you know...

    Well, at least that's how it went with my "him"... T^T


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