Is there usually an ulterior motive behind the coffee date?

Is there usually an ulterior motive behind the "coffee date"? I'm going to be meeting up with a guy whom I haven't seen in about 10 years and I'm wondering if I should look at it more than a simple catch up.

We used to like each other when we were kids. So, after all these years we're going to get together for coffee... To be honest my interest hasn't really gone away, I realized it when certain feelings came back after getting in touch with him. Could he feel the same about me?

Guys or girls, have you ever been in a similar situation as I have?

I'd be interested in seeing where this could go... I see this as a mini date. Could he be thinking the same about me?


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  • well, I had a friend who used to like. then we both moved out of our home town. After like 8 years, she looked me up and told me she was going to be in town for a bit. So, I guess I can relate to how you feel. I think there definitely IS a chance that he is looking to pick up where you guys left of, cos at least I did. But, in these situations, the intention does not come forth in the first ''coffee date'' but if it continues into another meeting, you are looking at a 'story continued' .. LOL.. hope it works out for you


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