Is this me reading into things or is this the real deal?? I really like this guy and we have been texting gone out on dates and what he called me on Christmas, left a voice mail and I was occupied obviously with family, but I call him back a few hours later, left voice mail, he never called back so I text him way later just to say merry Christmas, and he responded why didn't he just call me back? gahhhh boys you are super confusing...does he like me, does he he just playing with me? what's his deal?


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  • Maybe you just happened to catch him at a bad time too, he was with family and couldn't talk. So he decided to text you. I play phone tag with my friends alot. I'm sure he's still likes you. If it tends to be more frequent of phonetag with this guy you like then I would start wondering.

    • Give him sometimes, no rush..perhaps he is busy. Call him after few days