GUYS! what do you think? is she the rebound girl?

me and my ex have been off and on this whole past year. mainly me breaking it off with him because of fights and trust issues from the past. :( but we always ended up getting over them and getting back together even though I felt like things weren't the same. well, this last time he ended up breaking it off for the first time, saying that I'll never trust him and so on. he did tell me that he does still love me and that hopefully we can work things out in the future because he knows I'm a great girl (and bla bla bla). well, it hurt a lot. I love him too, I want to be with him but I'm trying to be strong and get over him but it's not really working. well, via facebook, I've noticed him and this girl have been talking. she's even calling him babe and I know they've been hanging out and such. we only officially ended things 2 weeks ago, might I add, he usually texts and calls me when we split, begging for me back. he has not done that this time, instead I've gotten only 3 text messages from him (in the past week), but them being like.. "hey", or "Merry Christmas". (and I have not texted back). what do you guys think? do you think she's the rebound girl? do you think he never really did care and love me and wanted to date other girls and that's why he moved on so fast?


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  • Men move on so fast to get over the person they loved. If he was with you that long and actually loved you (which I'm sure he did) it's clearly a rebound for his loneliness. Don't worry about them. Rebounds rarely work out and he has to talk to someone else to help him stop feeling upset over you.

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