Why doesn't he text or call me?

I really like this boy and its pretty obvious he like me back. But since its winter break he doesn't text/call me. And when I text him he'll say something like "Hey beautiful, I missed you". My question is why doesn't he text /call me because I don't want to come off as annoying and clingy.


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  • He is either really shy (like most guys) or not interested. Most of guys, my friends and I included, act confident and tough in group situations, but are actually scared of denial and rejection when it comes to one on one. I would text him and ask to hang out with a specific date and location, and if replies he is too busy then he is not interested.However, if he pulls through, then he is definitely interested. If you want a guy, you need to give him confidence (although not too much) that you are interested in him.


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