Guys wouldn't you make a point to call her the next day? Or did something go wrong? Are you waiting for her?

Went out on a date last night. He was dropping me off, things got hot and heavy in the car, hands were everywhere, in pants, in shirts. Next day, no call. He usually calls everyday. I would think that he was thinking about the activities in the car and would call today. We did not go all the way yet but are getting closer, its been 3 weeks. Guys reasons for NO call? Please. I am kicking myself thinking its indicating something bad and beating myself up. Thanks


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  • Is this an exclusive relationship? Meaning, is he seeing anyone else? Does he have kids, or maybe some close friends? Did he mention perhaps a big annual fishing trip or something like that?

    If not, have you thought about picking up the phone and just saying "Hi"? Why not invite him over for dinner or something? Is he comfortable talking to you about his feelings? Getting him to do that would help you know more about him and why he does the things he does.

    • Thank you. Yes he does have kids. I really appreciate your answer. he came to see me last night at my job and apparently he had a problem with his back..lmao probably from being in the car for too long..It is an exclusive relationship. I guess I need to relax a little more, I haven't dated in a few years and I'm really scared and nervous. Thanks again, Its nice of you to give me good advice. Yes, he is very open about his feelings, its the #1 thing that attracted me to him.

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  • maybe he heard the advice not to call women for three days after a date.

    • Ive never heard that? Is there such a rule? LOL

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    • Thank you so much!

    • There is no sure-fire rule about anything. Depends on the circumstances, if you are intelligent enough to detect, etc.

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