My boyfriend never texts me!!

Hi I'm going out with my former guy best friend

we've known each other for like 4 years but I started to go out with him since 2010 summer

we are both high school seniors and you know.. College apps are killing us these days

my boyfriend is smart.. Like he is really smart so he's applying to those ivy league colleges while I'm applying to pre pharm schools

I understand this season is really important to him and his whole life but ... Doesn't he have like 5 minutes to text me or call me during 24 hours?

I don't know.. He never texts me or calls me

we don't even meet each other. We go to the same school but usually I cannot see him at school either

I've waited and tried to understand his situation for about 4 months but I'm not sure if what I am doing is right.

he doesn't like me anymore? Should I wait till all his college apps are over?

if he gets into those east coast schools, he's gonna break up with me.. right? because there are tons of hot and pretty girls who are freaking smart and rich..

what do you think guys...? Should I dump him before he dumps me?


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  • This relationship is over..he just doesn't wanna admit it to you...theres absolutely no excuse why he shouldn't be texting you...what so whenever things get a bit stressfulll he's going to take some time off from the relationship?Honestly confront him about it..but at this point I'm pretty sure that he's not into it the way he might have been before.. I've been through the college app process and I never knew anyone who didn't have time to text or call his significant other..dont make excuses for him because you'll end up even more hurt