Blind date!!!!! guys help :)

okay so I'm going on a blind date in 2 days time with this guy I met on facebook. (NEED TIPS)

well basically he was interested in me so sent me a message and then he invited me on mxit (which is like MSN on the phone) and we chatted two days so far. I don't feel much spark between us and no sexual attraction yet... but I feel very comfortable talking to him, feel like talking to a friend and before I carry on talking to him, thought its best we meet up and get to know each other in person..

We're meeting up in a mall, but I don't know what to do together, well we gonna meet at like 5pm on a week day so nothing much is available to do except movies, restaurants and stuff.

Any tips on how conversation topics...? or other tips... please :)

would really be appreciated!


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  • Dinner and a movie never fails. Only problem with movies is that you can't talk much, which may be good or bad depending on how the date is going. At my mall we also have an arcade like a Dave & Buster's. Those are always fun and a good way to chat while also having distractions. My mall is also very scenic and nice for walking around with lots of benches and stuff. You could always go for a nice walk after dinner or something. As for talking, I find it's best not to plan that kind of thing out. It's better if it comes naturally or it will sound rehearsed. Guys may need to practice a bit more with it, but girls usually have plenty of natural verbal skills to carry you through one date.


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  • Well like you on internet chat, just do same in live chat :D, just talk him as you on internet, that would be great.



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  • if it does not feel right to you for any reason..DO NOT DO IT!