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Guys, Do I call or is it ok to text?

So to the guys. I have this ex. I've never dated he was the first. I really liked being with him. we broke up due to a lot of misunderstandings and hesitations. he is a very busy person but he still tries to find time to talk to me everyday. We still chat everyday and sometimes we meet up and talk at our usual place (where everyone thinks we're back together since I'm the only girl they have ever seen him sit so close to).
I feel like he wants me back since he still doesn't talk to anyone and even the other day i was about to leave the bar that we usually hang out in and my friend arrived which he used as an excuse to ask me to stay a little longer and we sat down and talked. and a few days after that we talked through the phone. but yes it's bothering me. I know he wants me back because he keeps hinting it to me but i feel like he is hesitating. So I plan to make the first move and talk to him about this but he is busier these days due to a public celebration going on where i am. but i really want to get it off my mind ASAP so i originally planned to talk to him face to face but i dont see that happening since i'm currently out of budget for this month and the next due to some unfortunate events happening with my work. so i planned to call but he is very busy (however he still makes time to chat with me in between his schedule) So right now i'm hesitating whether it is ok if i just text it to him. short and simple. "hey it's been on my mind for a while now and it's been bothering me. And you can be honest and let me know if I'm wrong. I feel like you want me back but you seem to be hesitating to ask me"
is this ok?
Guys, Do I call or is it ok to text?
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