So I need ideas for flirty texting?

I have looked online... but those are so original! I need some sexy flirting texts.. and cute.. I have no idea how to be flirty over texting Help Me Please


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  • Look for things that can be misconstrued in subtle ways, that's the key to flirting.. You want to make it "sexual" without making it sound "sexual".. Think of it like twister -> You guys aren't getting all hot and heavy, it just looks that way. It makes people comfortable to continue but not offended that you're coming on too strong; the reason behind that is because you are showing "SUBTLE" interest (subtle being the keyword)

    I don't do much flirting on texting because it can be misconstrued so many ways.. Mainly I use texting for: Making plans to meet up AND as a "i thought of you" communication.. I never use it for solid conversations.. So if you can call him or meet up with him, that'll help alot. The reason behind that is that the way flirting is interpretated USUALLY depends on your tone or body language, etc.

    As for examples: I can even think of one that would be fun over texting by itself.. Some ideas that would be fun? Text each other something "flirty" in a story line of your lives.. If he says he's going fourwheeling say how you would love to ride a quad again -> most horny males will instantly look at the words: "would love to ride" and instantly they'll start thinking along sexual lines, then you just turn it up from there as long as he's willing to play or if he feeds you something back -> If he says: "Well maybe you should come with us" -> You could bust his balls and say: "Isn't the guy supposed to make sure the lady finishes first?" -> etc..

    Just make sure that anything you send which can be construed as "sexual" is legal for both him and for you.

    P.s. It doesn't ALWAYS have to be sexual (if you can find an alternative I suggest that instead). The reason I don't recommend sexual is because as you age, you get tired of it being the same old game, you want something new and exciting.. So if you can learn to tease/flirt about daily life (in general) then you'll be far ahead of the game.

    - This would look like: (Guy paying for his spaghetti ingredients -> you say: "Dinner again? I make better spaghetti" *waves top ramen bag*) .. It's fun and it's flirting in a pure essence..

    This should get you started.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Now if I were a chick about 18 Hmmmm

    (add a cute smilie to the ideas)

    #1 I blow you a little kiss

    #2 you are getting me excited

    #3 my flowers need watering

    #4 these clothes are making me sweat

    #5 I have nothing to do today

    #6 what do you boys want from a girl?

    #7 honestly I've never been manhandled

    #8 Its raining I'm wet

    #9 I'm the cutest little girl you ever seen

    #10 make my day

    #11 I'm wearing a little black skirt

    #12 I need to get out of this g string

    Hey I'm even getting excited now. Hope this is cute enough, all original

  • Lolwut?



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  • tell him what your wearing (make sure its not like sweats and a dirty tshirt). if he's mildly attracted to you that's always a good one

  • I'm never going to have sex, I'm going to die a virgin!

    • Wow that's really a turn on...the excitement inside me is!'s just wind...