How do you message someone on a dating site?

So yeah, I have a profile on a dating site. I have it as a friend sort of bullied me into it but I logged in for the first time for a while and stumbled on someone who seems a good match.

I'm wondering though...what then?

How do you message someone on this?- I mean without coming across as a total creep, weirdo, oddball, etc...

Its not exactly like meeting someone normally where you can just crack up a conversation about normal things. They know why you're messaging them and...yeah.


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  • Okay, first you better STOP whatever your doing online before you make some FATAL mistakes.

    Your friend bullied you into something wonderful, so I would go thank him/her.

    Online dating is similar to regular dating however it has some MAJOR benefits such as the time you have to come up with a fantastic reply. If think that you have to reply back as soon as possible to her then this could be fatal mistake your doing. In reality, making her wait for your reply will make you more attractive.

    I recommend you do your homework before touching anything, to avoid mistakes all the other guys are making on online dating site and things that you can use to your advantage.

    It's up to you but, if you want to be a master at setting up dates and meeting women online then get your hands on this program called "Meeting Women Online" - David DeAngelo. link

    Oh just to clear the air, I don't work for David, I am only one of students and I love what he teaches.

    It's totally up to you bud.