Do I continue to talk to him if I'm feeling like it's not worth it?

I dated a guy for about 2 months but he has been very weird, we only hung out a handful of times and I feel like he just has other priorities, me not being one of them.. I lay low when it comes to contacting him first so I don't seem pushy but he is really weird, I'm beginning to think he has a girlfriend or something like that.. I've been really stressed about it, I haven't asked him to hang out but the last two times he asked me to hang he totally bailed. yet he calls me every day.. I'm just confused, I haven't mentioned anything to him about it yet, should I just not answer him all together? because he obviously doesn't take me seriously.


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  • One thing I learned is if you make plans to call or hang out with a girl than you have to show up or call at that time. He bailed twice, that makes him a jerk.


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  • If you feel like he doesn't take you seriously then you shouldn't think so much bout him. Especially if he doesn't make so much time for you. A person could be the busiest person in the world but they will always find a way to make time. Just do exactly what he's doing 'monkey see monkey does"...if he calls you then wait a while and call him back. If he doesn't then don't bother. If he keeps bailing then he is not worth it. But don't take it harshly or be angry with him or anything. goodluck x