Do smart men only date smart women?

OK with smart I mean yes smart for life situations and smart academically. I've found myself attracted to men who are very inteligent in areas like physics, math and politics. My brother is a Dartmouth graduate I remember at his graduation I was like wow look at this guys and i've met his friends and of course I was a 16 year old girl so they would not pay attention to me. So because of him I've met guys like that, MIT, Brown, Cornell students... And I wish to meet a guy like that (Not necessarily Ivy league student right but a guy who does take his studies serious, likes to learn constantly, knows a lot about a complicated topic, which is the sterotype of those unis.) who would take me serious now that I am of age and I was talking about that with my friends about it but they laughed at me saying that won't happen cause I am not and won't be an elite university student myself, I am not that good at science, I am better at the arts, AND because I am... blonde. That I am basically a bimbo. I don't like that. Even though I never had a 4.0 gpa and never won a science fair award, I do like learning. I know they were not being 100% serious and were messing with me but I worry they might be right and that a guy that smart won't be able to see past through that and just go for other Stanford girls
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Ok I might not have elaborated my question correctly. But I don't mean if they would date a dumb woman like a really air-headed one, just one that didn't study in an elite university like them, or are not lawyers, mathematicians, and stuff they are usually involved in. And Yes, I know not every smart person goes to an elite uni nor every person in an elite uni is smart. I guess that was just the base of what I was trying to say.
Do smart men only date smart women?
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