So a few years back I used to date this guy, now me and his older brother are dating. Is that ok?

So here the thing 7yrs ago I used to date this guy who was really nice and all but he never wanted to have anything serious we were just "friends with benefits" but I was always at his place parting and around all his family. I got to meet every 1 except his older brother because he had move away. After a year or so his older brother move back but I never really talk to him much because he was kinda quiet and distant. At the time he had a girlfriend that I have known since day 1 because she was always around and parting with us. So after 2-3 years of me dating this guy we decided to ended and stay friends. Eventually after a bit I got married but we always stay in touch. Couple months ago we hock up after loosing touch with each other for almost a yr. At the beginning of Dec. He invited me over to a bbq that his brother was throwing to celebrate his b-day so I went. As little as I knew me and his brother end up talking all night and then he told me that he like me. The next day we hang out again talk things over and decided to give it a try , we have been dating for about 3 weeks now and everything is been really good between us and our kids get along just fine. We are exclusive and all but I can't help the fact that I feel a little guilty because I used to date his younger brother. So far most of his family know we are dating and has take it OK even his little brother but I feel really uncomfortable when we happen to be hanging out and his brother/s come around. So can any one please tell me if I'm in the right or I should stop this wonderful relationship.


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  • Of course not. Your guilt is irrational. If you are both happy in the relationship, don't break it off. That would be crazy.


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