Would you date me? (please read)

this is only for the girls!

i uploaded a reality check but it doesn't allow me to say much so I wanted to post it as a question also.

ok so my good qualities are:

personality: polite, funny, smart(about most things, not things I'm not interested in) sensitive, caring, loving, sweet(I didn't know this about my-self until I went out with my ex) strong minded, brave, careful, curious, open minded, non-judgemental(I try not to be anyway) quick learner, pretty fast thinker, clever, honest(I hate lying and hiding things) patient(when its worth the wait) passionate(in bed too ; ] ) creative, I'm willing to wait for the girl to have sex with me as long as she wants, loyal and faithful, good listener, very good friend, I don't smoke cigarettes or get drunk or do any kind off drug(besides weed) my maturity level is at about an 8(depends on wether I need to be mature or not) punctual(when nothing goes wrong) adventurous, pretty confident, not easily scared or intimidated... can't think of the rest right now.

my bad qualities: stubborn, not very social(though I'm pretty good at socializing) I tend to procrastinate when it comes to big homework assignments or hard work (but the problem is only getting started, once I get started its not so bad) a little lazy when I have nothing to do. not really insecure but I don't like when people stare at me. I'm highly sexual(or a pervert, call it what you want) I've never had a real job(but I've looked a lot) I don't drive or have a car(but I do know how to drive) I don't have a license, I love to check out girls, and I find it hard not to look because its a habit I've had since I was like, 8. kinda easily distracted( I don't have ADD) I have OCD a little, I just have a few habits, but nothing you could really call bad... this is a big one, I use to be addicted to p*rn, now I only look at it if I'm really in the mood or really bored with nothing to do(xvideos.com). I'm into sex comics and erotica, I don't judge incest (idk if that's a bad thing, but you should know) I use to be into fighting people for dumb reasons, now I only fight if I have to or if I really have a good reason, I use to smoke weed, I've quit multiple times and don't find it hard to quit at all, and I've been clean for about 3 months now, I quit 6 months ago but smoked on a special occasion with my friends...

what I like: boxing and MMA, romantic dates, movies(harry potter, training day, black swan, american pie movies, superbad, great expectations), south park, the simpsons, family guy, House, True Blood(kinda, stated watching it cause my ex loves it) supernatural, use to watch smallvile. drawing and painting, coming up with concepts for video games or movies, video games(mostly halo, super smash brothers melee, COD, splinter cell, resident evil) paintball, going on this site, DeviantArt.com, youtube, online arcade games, pogo.com, hanging with friends, learning new things [online or on TV (discovery, history or national geographic)

what I don't like: baseball, nascar, corniness, lying and liars, people who are fake and pretend to or try to be something they aren't( I really hate that) stupid people, arrogant people and loud people, people who do things for attention, immaturity.
and unencessity, people putting luxury over what they really need, laziness, cheaters, cowards, naggers, most children annoy me at first.
and I forgot to say, I get violent when angry, but never towards people, just my bed, something I can punch and not break. my self-control has really improved.
if you would date me, and you don't mind, could you describe your-self a little?
o and I'm a good kisser, and good teaser.


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  • Lemme give you some advice...& I do this whenever I post on a forum.

    Use the bullet system instead of long paragraphs. If you use paragraphs, lots of small ones is more read-able than a few long ones. I've noticed people tend to read my msgs more when they're formatted well.



    Evidence of how I'm nerdy:

    1) I know how to effectively use BitTorrent.

    2) I can explain or debate any subject to no end; I rarely put a debate to rest.

    3) I competitively play Mario Kart DS & Pokemon (Diamond version) on the internet.

    4) Whenever some1 has a computer (software) ?...i'm the one they go to first.

    5) I know how to use the DOS prompt to navigate the comp & run MAME.

    6) I am not afraid to mess with my registry in Windows XP when needed.

    7) I have opened up my desktop comp. & (successfully) replaced hardware parts.


    I'm detail-oriented also. No offense...but do you see how my format is more read-able? Please take my advice & you'll get more, & better, responses on the 'net, no matter what the subject. 8-)

    • yeah I see your point, thanks man. nice to see someone give proper advice instead of cussing on the web.

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  • You kind of talk too much...no offense.

    • i was trying to be specific, like I said, I pay attention to detail.

    • Yes, but I don't think your interests are going to define who will want to date you and who won't. I mean sure, it's great to have a partner who shares your hobbies and likes the same TV shows that you do... but really, all you had to mention was your character and your personality for people to say "I'd date that guy" or not. And your physique plays a part in it, too.

    • ohh, well yeah I guess you're right. and I'm gonna upload pics and description of what I look like, how I dress and all that. I've been told I'm handsome, cute, sexy and all that before. but girls like different things so...

  • Depends how old you are, you seem like a interesting person.

    is it a problem if the girl doesn't like harry potter?

  • you lost my interest at "just a little weed"

  • You kind of seem like a player who is just into sex, you seem really chill but not the type I would date.

  • no offense, but I don't think I would. you're just too into sex for me. I mean, half your post is about your views and takes on sex


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