How to initiate a kiss?

Hi guys, I friggin LOVE this website. OK question: I like kissing and making out with guys, I'm a late bloomer and I feel I deserve alllll kisses I want :p ..but I don't really want to go through conversations or getting to know each other. I want to be on a dance floor, spot a hottie and just rock his world and for him to rock mine. I want to shut up and make out! Now.. how do I do this? There was once a guy he wanted me badly and I just walked up to him when the party was over and said: I want to kiss you, can I? He said YEA and we did and it was perfect! He was so excited about it afterward. It gave me a lot of confidence and a lust for kissing. Then, I tried the same thing with other guys and some would instantly stand back and say: Uhmm no. Some would use an excuse, kinda have a girlfriend blabla, others would just say No. I'm a go getter though, I need to know how to make out with them, without losing face. Getting dissed is NOT cool.. so not cool. By the way, telling me that I should just wait and let the guy come over is not good advice. Some of you guys will be into me all night and show it, but never really approach me. Meh. thanks!

the guys aren't gay :p and I'm not ugly, I have nice lips.. okiii ;p ..but they seem to be taken aback by my assertiveness, My question startles them as if that's not how it's supposed to happen at all. How do I go in for it, being subtle? :)


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  • First off... Alcohol helps. It's a social lubricant and people are more likely to not be taken back by the idea. Guys who have girlfriends (ESPECIALLY if they're around said club somewhere) will get in trouble... and it's a good way to get in a fight. My advice is stick to trying this out on people who you might half-way know. Friends of friends. That kind of thing. Random guys out there in the world are just going to be hit or miss. Asking works sometimes, sometimes you should just go for it. I would bet a lot of it would be all "feel" or "vibe". If he's dancing with you and really digging it, just rock his world. If he's eyeing you from across the room, strike up a little conversation, ask him if you noticed correctly, then ask him your favorite question.


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  • well if you wanna be subtle then maybe you should just kinda make your way into their area until you're dancing with them then gradually get closer and go in for it without saying a word. and I wasn't saying you were probably ugly I was just saying that I personally won't turn down a girl unless she deserves it ha ha ;)

    • haha :) ..It was an answer to the guys commenting on you ^.^ you think blowing hand kisses would be considered cute and less invasive? What do you think of winking?

    • blowing kisses is cute yea but not really sexy winking can be pretty sexy though depending on how you do it

  • i think what you're doing is fine its just getting turned down is a fact of life. There's always gonna be someone who turns you down. You just gotta walk away from it knowing that its their loss and move on to the next one ya know

    • Ur fine doing that but DO NOT give them your phone number or Amy connection because they will fall for you and ull jut hurt them make sure they know its just for fun. BTWIf any guy rejects an offer to kiss then he's probably gay lmao

    • agreed she's gotta have a f***ed up mouth/face to make me say no in a club

  • beleive it or not but some guys actually have a decent sense of morality or are looking for something other than a quick make out session. not all of us are as horny as you would like to believe. you can't just go around and expect to initiate a "make out session" out of nothing and expect it to work all the time. it looks like you have been watching too many reality shows. your at least 25 you shouldn't be acting that way anyways.


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