How does online dating work?

When two people meet after talking only one time, have a few drinks and talk. No sex, just getting to know each can you tell when everything is going well.

Good body language.

conversations that sound like the person is interested.

I would like to know a guys point of view on what he would feel about a girl he meets...How does he show he likes her? ...Is interested?


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  • Your topic question and body question completely don't match at all so I'm not exactly sure what you want to know.

    To answer your body questions: If he makes an effort to get her number to make plans with her again. Good body language is if he faces you a lot (face and body), gives eye contact, touches your shoulder or leg, etc. If he's interested in finding out about you and your life is a good sign in terms of communication.


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  • I would expect that if he is interested he would indicate so by asking to see you again. I would also hope that if you were interested you would give some indication so that if he did like you he would not be put off because he thinks you don't think much of him.

    • Well I met a guy online a few days ago, and I texted him thanking him for coming down from his side of town to see me for drinks. Since he never contacted me the next day or even that night to say he had a good time with me...(I figured I would do that since it is something I do not usually do, and I hoped he would give me a response that made clear if he liked me) He replied with how he also had a great time and I am a sweet girl. But nothing else.

    • So I am a bit put off because he has not initiated any form of contact since. I went online (msn) and he was online too but did not message me. So he is definately not into me at this point right? It's just the way he looked at me, I feel a connection. I thought he could see right through me, deep. It was nice, would be sad if the feeling is not mutual. Should I just leave that be? Or contact him myself...again? :s

    • I think maybe you should move on. If you were both on messenger and he didn't take the time for a quick hey, he probably isn't interested.

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  • it's the same as making offline. you meet, you talk, see if you click and go from there