Why do Samoan Females have such a problem with white females dating their men? JW

I have been dating a Samoan and its going great except the fact that his people do not like me. I was almost beat up by a cousin of his because I was dancing on him. Samoans make fun of me and call me snow bunny, that white bitch and etc. I am sick of it but don't even know how to handle the situation what do I do? guys?


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  • Its not all Samoan women. However, different races may have different opinions. Some races are proud of their skin tone, and see dating outside their race as a betrayal. In some races (other than white) some will date a white man or woman hoping it makes them white by association and they can have the "white privilege," and others see this as a betrayal to your own race and ignoring who you really are. So some insist on dating your own race.