Why Isn't He Talking To Me?

I have been talking to this guy for 4 months, and 2 months ago we decided to be in a relationship. Well yesterday was our 2 month so we had sex for the first time, it was his first time, but not mine. He took me home later on, and as I got out the car, I said "we're hanging out tonight like you said right? he said yess" and a couple hours went by and he texted me like 3 times with things like "i had fun today" that's probably the most he said. Then the night came, and he didn't text me til 12, when I couldn't chill, he said "i know I ditched you, I'm sorry"

So today I texted him 3 times with "Want to chill, Hi, and ?" and he only said Hi.

why is he barley talking to me?

what is going on?

what did I do?


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  • Ask him why isn't talking, why he disappeared on you? Be honest. If you don't make out like it really bothered you then he should be fine.

    Could be he felt awkward with it being his first and he didn't know what to do after, or was nervous about how he "performed"? Did it seem that way at the time?

    • well I think he knows that it bothered me..

      but yea he was supperr nervous and acted like he didn't know what to do (probably cause he really didn't know what to do at all lol)

    • Be honest and talk to him to start then? Did you return a positive comment when he offered you a positive? If not that could very well be the problem.

      Perhaps offer him a repeat saying that you enjoyed last time. Then take it slower. Don't rush things and it comes naturally. Especially if you are both fairly inexperienced it is always good to experiment with how things feel.

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