Why did my crush criticize my ex?

So I have a crush on a guy I work with. We have the same job title so we are allowed to date.

We were working and my ex came through drive through and I told my crush that the guy in the window is my ex and after I gave out the food, my crush started poking fun at me. Saying “was it the beard that attracted you?” And then started making fun of my ex because he’s fat. Even tho my crush isn’t exactly fit either, he’s chubby but not as fat at my ex.

It was kind of weird. Like, why go and make fun of my ex? Like, you could tell he was implying that why would I date that guy.

Is this weird?


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  • He probably felt as though you could do better. Something along the lines of "Wow... you were with someone like that?", but in a bad way.

    • It felt like that, yeah. But what caught me off guard was that he called my ex fat and my crush (him) is chubby.

    • He probably doesn't see himself like that, but he sees your ex as larger than him, which seems to be the case.

  • No it's not weird it's called work banter


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