Guys..what would you do in this situation?

This guy and I have been good friends for years now. We've always had a chemistry thing where people either told us to date or thought we were. He admitted he liked me a couple of months ago but I only recently did I realize I felt the same. Anyways..if you were him and I invited you over when I made it clear I'd be home alone, wouldn't you come over?

I'm a virgin so I wasn't planning on anything raunchy ha ha but I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to kinda tell him I like him.


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  • If you mean a perfect opportunity in the sense of an empty house so it's just you two and you can talk to him and tell him, then yes. If you just invite him over he isn't necessarily going to jump to the conclusion by himself on with that gesture. Use words please. If people used words things would be so much less confusing. If you wanna start the conversation just be like "Soooo... ya still like me". or something to that effect. I donno take my advice with a grain of salt, but all the same communication is always good.


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