How to make a date a "dream date"?

What are some things you can do, besides sex, that can make a date that you or him will never forget?


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  • First, make sure it's personal. Doing something generic is just going to make the date boring and forgettable. If you and the guy talked about some interesting activity, try to do that.

    Second, absolutely bring yourself to the date. What I mean by that is don't let YOU be forgettable. Make sure the impression you leave is unique. When I'm on a date, I'm trying to figure out if the person I am with is the same as most girls, or something different, something interesting, something exciting. If you try to play the safe angle, he'll get bored.

    Spontaneity is a thing of beauty. Be spontaneous, be interesting, be fun. Most importantly, trust that the most unforgettable thing on this date, is you.


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