I feel unlikable. Can girls really be into a guy like me?

Here’s me in a nutshell:

I’m very calm and laid back. I don’t act crazy, I don’t tell a ton of jokes, and I’m not the life of the party. I can be funny but it’s only once in a while rather than machine gun like it seems lots of other guys try to do. I can hold a conversation all day, which I know is good, but the things I like to talk about aren’t exactly what other dudes talk about. I like science and politics and self motivational stuff. I like positivity and hard work and self love and love for others.

I’m not a cool dude. I’m not one of the cool people, I don’t know any normal slang, I don’t know anything about popular culture or anything like that. I’m not wild and exicitng. I’m mostly stoic. I smile a lot and look into peoples eyes when I talk to them. I don’t try to be fun or interesting or cool. I’m not good at flirting, and I feel shy and awkward when girls say sexual things.

I’m 6’1”, with a fairly muscular build. Girls flirt with me but I totally don’t give it back at all. I just feel weird about it, and don’t know what to do with it. I always feel awkward if I try to connect on any sort of sexual or cool or interesting level. All I can do is express who I am through the things I’m interested in.

I feel like a weirdo. People go out to parties and chat about their sex lives and their drama and their network of friends. I really don’t have friends and I’m super picky about who I hang out with. I don’t have a fun life to talk about or about how I go out on the weekends or whatever. I’m boring.

I feel unlikable. Can girls really be into a guy like me?
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