What are your top 5 dating deal-breakers?

1) Poor hygiene
2) Lying
3) Talking to ex's
4) Is already in a relationship/married
5) Having STDs


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  • 1) Unshaved pussy. I need it clean and without hair.
    2) Poor conversational ability. Too many women that lack a personality.
    3) Someone who keeps talking about their exes or their male friends.. I don't give a fuck if he is your platonic one that's like a brother to you.. I don't need to hear that krap. It's a turn off to hear a woman talk about another guy that's not her biological father or brother (those are the only 2 guys I don't mind her talking about; actually if she talks nice about them, that means she respects men).
    4) Expecting not to pay for her own share if we travel together
    5) Not wanting to take birth control pills and and top of that insisting we fuck without condoms.

  • 1. Smoking/drugs/STD
    2. Comparing me to your ex or other
    3. Lying/cheating/racist
    4. Poor hygiene personal/clean your
    apt. I'm a guy that has great
    hygiene and my apt is clean
    5. Gold Diggers


Most Helpful Girls

  • 1. Not liking animals
    2. Not wanting kids
    3. Previously being in prison
    4. Doing drugs
    5. Not having a job

  • 1 - poor hygiene
    2 - habitual lying, I can deal with a white lie here and there as long as it's not about something serious/they come clean about it almost right away
    3 - racist, sexist, misogynistic
    4 - forcefully believes in religion (I can date someone religious, but not if they try to convert me to believe their views)
    5 - consistently compares me to their ex.


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  • Absolute Number One: Being an unkind human being
    2: No Ambition to Better Themselves (Mentally, Physically, Career-wise, etc)
    3: Emotionally Unstable.
    4: Immoral (Lying, Stealing, Swindling, Back-stabbing, Sabotaging, etc)
    5: Being Fickle/Never seeing things through/Too unfocused to pursue any goal until the end/Gives Up Easily

  • 1) Incompatible sexual beliefs (promiscuous, has/would have sex outside of exclusive relationships, sex on the first few dates etc)
    2) Incompatible long-term expectations (wants children and/or marriage)
    3) Poor lifestyle choices (overweight, smoker, alcoholic etc)
    4) Extroverted, needs lots of social interaction and to take part in social gatherings
    5) Emotion-driven rather than logic-driven individual

    I would also like to add "doesn't like cats", but oh well.

  • 1. Smokes or uses drugs
    2. Stupidity
    3. Unloyal
    4. Has an STD
    5. Out of shape
    No luck so far finding a girl who doesn't break at least four of those, lol

    • There are plenty of girls who don't match that criteria. Just keep looking.

  • Not in any order of importance, but here are mine:
    1. Unattractive feet
    2. Pro choice
    3. Unreasonably shallow in various ways
    4. Has been with many men
    5. Doesn’t want to have children

  • 1) ugly (bad genes)
    2) poor health (obese, not fertile)
    3) dumb
    4) single mother
    5) doesn’t listen to her protector and is not submissive

    • What’re you meaning by ‘... Is not Submissive.’?

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    • Even married couples have problems with infertility So what would you do then... tell your wife she’s useless I don't know that’s my opinion

    • I wouldn’t even begin a relationship with a woman that if not fertile even if i like her... It’s nature humans look for healthy partner being not capable of making kids is very baddd its like a guy with no dick. Woman are on this earth to give birth.. men to spread their seed.

  • 1) Unfaithful
    2) STDs
    3) far-left/far-right views
    4) Slutty
    5) Smoking/Alcoholic/Drug user

    6) Has Kids
    7) poor hygiene
    8) Lying
    9) entitled
    10) bossy

    And and and

  • 1. No/bad humor
    2. not beeing honest with me
    3. shitty Hygiene
    4. Does Illegal stuff
    5. Chubby and above (ugly)

  • 1. Sleeps around

    2. Cheats, lies, and tries to manipulate me or other people

    3. Posts inappropriate pictures on their social media

    4. Smokes, takes drugs, or drinks often

    5. Believes they are always right and tells people their opinion is wrong if it isn't same as their own

  • My top dealbreakers are:
    1. Irreconcilable religious and other beliefs and principles.
    2. Her not being born female.
    3. Present SO or unresolved issues with ex.
    4. Gays, lesbians, or criminals as friends or close associates.
    5. Smoking, drinking, or the use of any drugs.

  • 1) lying
    2) STDs
    3) other person been dumb they don't have to be smart but just at least have commen sense.
    4) don't like nor watch horror films.
    5) don't like vodka (lol not really a deal breaker but i couldn't think of anything else).

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What Girls Said 23

  • 1) Doesn't like metal
    2) verbally abusive
    ³) Smoking. I used to be a smoker, but I don't tolerate it anymore
    4) belongs in r/iamverysmart
    5) being dumb. My standards for intellect aren't very high, but there is a limit.

  • 1) poor listening/talking skills
    2) bad manners
    3) bad hygiene
    4) opposite personality/opinions
    5) Talking to other women while on date (that's happened)

  • 1. Wants kids
    2. Cheater or womanizer
    3. Poor physical health (doesn't workout, eat well, or take care of himself)
    4. Bad hygiene
    5. Smoker and/or drinker

  • 1) is already taken or has eyes for someone else.
    2) has a known history of cheating or lying.
    3) has the ability to work but refuses not to.
    4) dresses or acts chavish (aka the big man act)
    5) has no manners or people skills.

    • No idea why my predictive text as changed 3 to an emoji

    • Bugger, just realized there is not worded correctly, that should 'has the ability to work but refuses to' ignore the not

  • From that list, talking to ex’s is the only one that is not a deal breaker.

    • You don't mind that? Would you get a little jealous or irritated?

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    • My last boyfriend said the same things that his ex is only a friend and he doesn't have any feelings. He ended up cheating. So after him, my dating policy is no talking to exes.

    • Oh no... that’s super messed up. There had to be some clues you missed. I hope you’re already over him

  • 1) Non-Trustworthy
    2) Must have a decent sense of humour.
    3) Able to take sarcasm.
    4) Can be Dominant and take control. (To an extent)
    5) Not controlling.

  • 1) If he cheated.
    2) Being Black (Im not atracted sexually , Call me racist but its my preference)
    3) having children with other women
    4) lying me for no reason (if its a good reason then I dont mind as long No one is hurt)
    5) Having an drug addiction.

  • Same as yours. They can only talk to their ex if they prove to me it’s completely platonic.

    • Honestly don’t believe exes can be platonic. Every ex of mine has contacted me for sex or had ulterior motives. People are still sexually attracted to their exes, they just don’t act on it.

    • And sometimes they do. Best to avoid that drama altogether.

    • A lot of my guy friends are still friends with their ex and only friends. I’m still friends with one of mine exes but we barely talk anymore. I think if your ex is player or just desperate then they will try to get you back. I think it’s 50/50

  • Smoking, bad with finances, drugs, arrogant, sociopath, murderer, lazy 😂

  • 1. Controlling/Obssesive behaviour
    2. Sexist/Mysoginist
    3. Insecurity (all the time kind of thing. I know we humans are not perfect)
    4. Being clingy (It makes me uncomfortable)
    5. Showing public affection (I'm very private when it comes to that)

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