Ladies, what to you qualifies as a good first date?

I'm always hearing about how girls want the perfect first date to be interesting and exciting. I would like to know what you ladies feel constitutes "the perfect first date"? Where would you like a guy to take you or what would you like to do?

And, do you prefer to setup the date or would you rather the guy takes care of all of that?


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  • i don't care who sets it up maybe he could have a rough sketch and let her help like he could take her to the movies and let her pick which one something like that

    my ideal first date is either going to the movies or going to the mall because there is a lot of stuff usually to do at malls :) and him just being a nice gentleman


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  • I really wouldn't care who set up the date. I'm pretty laid back. But my perfect first date huh?...

    I would say, anything but a movie really because when people go to see movies together no one is talking to each other and I think you waste 2 hours not feeling each other out. So I would do something like, going to a sports game (like if you're in college), go carting, outdoor concert...idk something active, then dinner at a nice restaurant, take me home, and if the day went well lay one on me.

    My PERFECT date would be snowboarding together. Something about chairlifts and lodges is sexy to me.

  • Perfect first date- I once met up with a guy at a coffee shop, we bought some pastries and coffee and brought the food to an outdoor music festival during the was great, and laid back/no pressure. But that's just my taste.


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