What do pal consider their first kiss...?


giving a kiss on the cheek (not to family member)

receiving kiss on the cheek (not from some1 who's family)

  • French
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  • Giving a kiss on the cheek (not to family member)
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  • Receiving kiss on the cheek (not from some1 who's family)
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  • Which ever happens first
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  • it has to be lip-to-lip...usually timing and location will clarify that more as well...frenching is optional, maybe advanced-level for those wanting to be a bit more challenged

    kiss on the cheek is a bit friendish

  • As stated below, your first kiss has to be at least lip to lip. It's the first action that really means anything. Often people's first kiss did include frenching, but it's not required. A kiss often represents physical intimacy that crosses the line from being just friends, and is where the line is drawn for family. Granted that some (straight) girls are known to make out at parties and such, while there is no real intimacy (usually) between them, it is still recognized as a sexual act.

    By comparison, kiss on the cheek, forehead, hand, g-rated body part with that got stepped on and wants to feel better, are all innocent in nature and do not represent much. The first kiss that counts is at least lip to lip. Who initiates the kiss is not important.


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