Why did he kiss me on the cheek?

I am very annoyed. I was with some friends at one of,their brothers house and as we were walking out the brother hugged everyone goodbye and when he hugged me he called me sweetie and kissed me on the cheek. this is only the second time I've hung around him and he kind of singled me out in his actions.

I think I feel more annoyed with the fact that he called me sweetie because I associate it with something you would call a small child, not a young adult woman. But why would you do that to someone you hardly know?

You don't have to feed my ego and tell me he likes me. I'm not seeking that answer. I am simply and,honestly,baffled as to why a guy would say,goodbye to a girl in this way. He doesn't know me enough to do that.


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  • ... I know you said I don't have to say this but... my guess is that he likes you. I can see no other explanation.


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